Covid 19 mediation policy and remote mediations policy

Contrary to common belief mediation does not have to be formal, here at Clearwater we believe the best outcomes stem from a more relaxed environment.

Subject to the party’s preference, both parties will begin the session in the same room together with the mediator, and should either party request separate rooms during the mediation this can also be catered for.

The mediator will commence the session by setting out the purpose of the mediation, their role as the mediator and will then set out the key principles underpinning the process.

Thereafter, each party of will be afforded some uninterrupted time to give an account of their position with a view to providing the other party with an understanding of their point of view.

From this point the parties begin to build up an understanding of each other’s plight which often naturally contributes to a solution focused environment.

Once solutions have been reached an agreement will be drawn up reflecting the party’s preferences.